Sunday, July 13, 2014

Important tips for first time apartment renters

Congratulations - you've been waiting a long time to make the move, literally, and the time has finally come for you to move into your first apartment.  While being a first time renter and moving into your first apartment can be challenging, following a few stead fast rules will help make your first experience a great one. Moving into your first apartment can be your first taste of real life, and you must understand that budgeting,  respecting your neighbors/roommates, and the apartment complex are all important factors.  From on-time rent, to avoiding eviction, our tips for first time renters will ensure that you have a solid understanding of the best way to make your first apartment rental a great success.

First time renter tip #1 – Claim your rental reward
Why is our service so popular?  Not only do we provide the best search in the industry, not only do we guarantee the lowest rental rates, not only do we do it for free, but we also give you a Rental Reward when you put our name on the application and let us know about it.  How does it work?  Well its easy - apartments are always looking to stay full and when we refer you to an apartment, we are given a finders fee.  With this fee, we are able to give you a rental reward that can include anything from $250 visa gift card, to a free move to your new place, you decide how you want to use it. To see how easy the process is for yourself, visit us on the web to search or chat, or give us a call 855.866.8339.

First time renter tip #2 – Don't overspend
The most important thing you need to do is figure out what your budget is.  We recommenced that your monthly income is at least 3 to 4 times, or 25%-33% of the monthly rent amount.  Its important that as a first time renter, you don't over spend as creating good rental history should be your number one goal.  If you are unable to pay, not only will your rental history be blemished, making it harder to find another apartment, but your credit history will also take a hit if you get evicted.  When crafting your budget, make sure you are taking your after tax income and subtracting expenses like utilities (electric, water, internet, trash), food, phone, car payment, or anything else that you pay on a monthly regular basis.  When you call your MoveEz apartment specialist, they will inform you of any additional fees or amenities that will be extra or covered by your apartment complex.

First time renter tip #3 – Did you remember deposits and app fees?
This goes hand in hand with the tip from above.  Not only will you need to afford a deposit on the apartment itself but you might also need to pay a fee to have your electricity turned on, cable and internet hooked up, etc. Your security deposit is most often equal to one month’s rent and the other deposits will range anywhere from $25 to $100. Again, make sure that you plan ahead of time before you sign the lease and move in - moving can create a lot of unexpected expenses so make sure you have the money set aside to cover them.  This is a good place to use your Rental Reward once you confirm your move in.

First time renter tip #4 – Respect thy neighbor
We speak from experience, so believe us when we say, nothing can spoil your apartment experience faster than creating issues with a roommate or neighbor.  Respect means that you shouldn't blast your music, or jump up and down if you live above someone.  It also means that if you are having a get together, invite your neighbors or at least give them your number and ask them to let you know if you are troubling or disturbing them. Apartments can and will evict repeat offenders and its not worth the hassle.  Treating your neighbors with respect can work wonders on creating a successful apartment living experience, especially for the first time renter who may not be familiar with apartment living. 

First time renter tip #5 – Do you “need” that?
Most people fail to take this concept into consideration when looking for a new place.  Its important to understand what you need and what you wantFor example, if you don't own a car, you need to be close to public transportation, if you own a car however, you may want a covered parking spot or garage.  You should make a list of the things you need and cannot budge on, and the things you want that you may be willing to look past if the right apartment comes your way.  Your apartment specialist at Move Ez can help ensure that the amenities you need and want in you'r apartment next apartment are taken into consideration when you get your list of places to visit.  With the number of different options on the market today, your MoveEz apartment specialist can help ensure that you have the right features you want and need.

First time renter tip #6 - Never sign a lease before seeing the apartment complex
The last thing you should do is trust a picture or the advice of a friend.  Visit each apartment complex on the list from your MoveEz apartment specialist and take your time in evaluating the different things that you need to take into consideration before moving.  Ask the leasing agent to show you the actual apartment that you will be renting, in addition to the model. Perform a complete walkthrough and check on the unit.

  • How close is the unit from your parking spot or parking area.  Can you walk with a hand full of groceries or in the rain comfortably?
  • Will everything you have fit?  Ask the agent for a floor plan and a pen so you can take notes while you walk the unit.  You can even bring a measuring tape if you have something that is an odd or over sized.
  • Are you close to the pool, or something else that may create an environment for noise?  Some people enjoy this, but you may not.
  • Are you willing to climb 3 flights of stairs?  Remember that everything you move in, you must move out someday.  Will you want to do this?
  • Look in all the closets and cabinets and check faucets and toilets for leaks and signs of existing leaks.
  • Check all appliances to make sure that they work.
  • If you see other tenants in the building, talk with them briefly to get an idea of how they like the property.
If you like the apartment but there is some damage, or the carpet is not in optimal condition, you can request to have it fixed before you move in.  The apartments will usually do what they can to make you happy.
First time renter tip #6 – Sleep on it
Unless you have to move today (if you do call us), don’t feel rushed to sign your lease on the spot. Take a copy with you and read it over in its entirety, and if you have any questions, call your MoveEz specialist as they are more than happy to walk through and provide guidance. You should keep an eye out for verbiage that outlines additional deposits, fees, or penalties hidden within various sections of the lease agreement.  Things like pet deposits or long term guests may require additional deposits or application fees and will need to be disclosed on the lease agreement.  You should always trust whats in the contract and not what a leasing agent may have told you, at the end of the day, your contract is what outlines and dictates what your obligated to do. Again, your MoveEz apartment specialist can help walk you through an advise you on what to expect.

First time renter tip #7 – Get renters insurance
You might be thinking that you really don’t own enough stuff to justify paying insurance for it, but think again. Take a look at all your clothes, books, electronics, furniture, appliances, computer and computer software, etc. You really would be out a pretty penny if everything went up in smoke. Renters insurance will run between $10 and $20 a month, depending on where you live (crime rates, propensity for natural disasters and flooding, and more may affect the cost of insurance) and the level of coverage you choose to get. When you get your insurance, the carrier may ask you to retain proof of the items that you’re covering. Take photographs of your furniture, computer and other electronics and place them, along with owner’s manuals, databases and receipts, in a safe deposit box at your bank or purchase a fire proof safe for their safekeeping. Some landlords actually require all renters to carry renters insurance!

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