Saturday, August 16, 2014

10 surprising features renters look for in their next apartment

Renters are often confused about the options available to them at their next apartment. We have been scouring the net to gather a list of apartment amenities that appeal most renters searching the internet for a place to live.  Here is what we have found so far, in order by popularity of searches online.  Do you have any others?

1. Pool or Spa. Pools and hot tubs top the list of searches, especially in Texas where there is always a time to either cool off in the summer, or get in the hot tub for the winter.  Not to mention this is a great place to take the kids, or to have a get together with friends.  Theres no doubt that pools are more popular than ever. 

2. Parking.  This can matter in more ways than one.  Living in an urban area like Downtown Dallas or Houston can present many challenges for parking.  Having a community with parking helps you avoid the hassles that come with trying to find a parking spot.  Have a nice car?  A garage can be a great place to keep your car hidden from the elements, or better yet, a place to store extra stuff that won't fit in your apartment.  Make sure you understand if your parking needs are covered in your rent of if they will cost you extra. 

3. Pet spaces.  We all love our pets.  Being a pet lovers ourselves, we know how important it is to have your furry friend with you.  Most apartments will not take larger breeds, so if you have a dog, make sure you take into consideration the extra cost and potential pet deposit that you will probably need to pay.  Some apartments now have dog parks so you pooch can play with friends as well!

4. Proximity to work.  Some people hate driving.  Finding an apartment thats close to work may be an important feature for you.  Remember to consider routes that take back roads, as you may still be able to get something in a  cool part of town, and take a less used back road to work and avoid all that pesky traffic. 

5. Washer and Dryer.  Most apartments come with washer and dryer connections, which means you will need to supply your own washer and dryer or rent one from the community or a third party.  Some apartments come with washers and dryers in the unit, which is a great way to say money and not worry about the hassle of renting. 

6. Better location.  There are definitely some hot spots in Houston and Dallas with some great urban living.  Not needing a car to go to the grocery store, or for a night out can be a great perk and gas saver for your wallet. 

7. Free Wi-Fi.  Wifi can cost in excess of $60.00 per month.  This can be a nice treat for your bank account, and you would be surprised at how many apartments now offer some form of Wi-Fi in different areas of the complex.  

8. Electronic Payments.  Lets face it, no one, except for my mom, writes checks anymore. Wait, no even she doesn't. Why?  Cause you can pay everything electronically.  Make sure you apartment make its easy for you to pay them with online/electronic payments.

9. Credit Card payments.  Do you get points on your credit card for airline miles or cash back on purchases?  Why not pay your rent with your credit card and kill 2 birds with one stone?

10. Fitness center.  If your an active person and visit the gym a lot, this is yet another way to save money each month.  Most new and renovated apartments are putting in Gym, Yoga, and Cycling that would rival mosts popular gyms and suit even the most avid gym goers. 

There are many other features, in addition to this list, that may be important for you.  Don't spend your time scouring the web and trying to find just the right place with the right availability.  MoveEZ puts your search on auto-pilot with an online search and agents that are here to do all the work.  With our low rent guarantee and up to $200 rental rebate your next move should be to call or chat online with us now.  855.866.8339 or

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