Sunday, August 17, 2014

Guide to stress free apartment searching

If your like most apartment hunters, just thinking about the whole process of searching, moving, and settling into your new place can sound like a daunting task. The good news is that it doesn't have to be. With MoveEZ it's actually as simple as 1, 2, 3. Using the MoveEZ apartment search, you can put your next search on auto pilot by calling one of our friendly apartment reps, giving them some criteria on what your looking for, and sitting back and letting us handle the rest.  Best part is that we have our "low rate guarantee" that ensures your getting the lowest price on any apartment Texas. Whats better?  We give you up to a $200 rental rebate when you sign your lease. Review our tips, and give us a call 855.866.8339 or chat with us online

1.  Timing is everything
Most people are unsure of when they should start looking for a new apartment.  A good rule of thumb is 30 days from when your lease expires or when you want to move in.  This lets you do two things.  First, apartments only know whats available 30 days out, and since rental rates are always changing, the apartments don't give out pricing and availability beyond 30 days. Second, you need to prepare for moving out of your apartment by giving your 30 day notice.  This will ensure that you are not breaking your lease and that you will get back your full security deposit.  Check our site for many other tips on moving out of your apartment which we have covered in other posts. 

2.  Have your priorities lined up
Know what you want in your next apartment. Do you want a garage, or a pool?  What areas would you like to live in? Amenities and location can be very important to some people and not so much to others.  Make sure you separate out whats important and a must have, from whats a nice to have. We have another post that outlines the top features of apartment communities, check it and get your list together.

3.  Put your search on auto-pilot
Now that the timing is right, and you have your list of whats important to you, MoveEz is ready to take over and get your apartment search on auto-pilot.  Our friendly agents are ready to chat online or by phone 855.866.8339 and our EZ to use online search, will show you everything in your price range and area. With our "Low rent guarantee" and up to $200 rental rebate when you move in, theres no reason to waste your time calling hundreds of apartments to check availability.  So what are you waiting for?  Contact us now!

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  1. Something else I've found is really helpful for finding a good apartment is to ask around on Facebook. They have local groups and stuff and you can get recommendations from people who actually live in the city you're moving to (or you're own city if you're staying in the same city). It's helpful to get ideas from people who've actually lived in the apartments!

    Fred | Anchor your Assets