Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Whats the best time of year to find an apartment?

Don't get frustrated!! We get asked this question ALOT, and the reality is that it all depends on what your looking for.  There are basically 2 main things you need to consider when trying to find your new apartment. 

1.  Are you looking for deal?
2  Are you looking for alot of choices on where to live?

There are also basically 2 periods within the year that determine what you can expect to find.  

"Plethora of places" - May - September 

Were currently in the best time of the year to find the exact place you want.  Since everyone is out of school, and the weather is nice, people are all running around trying to find a new place to live.  This creates lots of vacancies, and if you have had your eye on a certain apartment complex, chances are they now have something available for you to move into.  Be prepared to quickly move because everyone else is looking too and that perfect place may be the perfect place for several others.  If you want to move during this time, the rental specials will not be as abundant as they usually are, so get ready to pay full price.  If you want that view of the lake, or the best view of downtown, however, this is the best time for find it. 

"Time to wheel and deal" - October - April

This period is quickly approaching, and with it comes the great apartment deals.  The period between October and April is the slow season because the kids are in school, its cold outside, and people aren't really looking to move.  This is the time for the savvy renter to come in and scoop up a great deal on a new apartment.  During this time period, you just need to be more open on availability because it maybe a little harder to find an apartment with all the views, access, or amenities you want.  The upside though, is that you can find an awesome deal and lock yourself into a lower rental rate than anyone else living around you.  That leaves you more cash to save or to fill your apartment with cool things.   

Either way, MoveEZ Apartment Search is here to help make these decisions easier.  Don't spend your whole week calling apartments trying to pin down availability, or get a leasing agent on the phone.  With our simple online search and friendly agents, you show us what kind of apartments you like, and we handle the rest.  We will call, check availability, make appointments, recommend other places, and provide you with the "Lowest rent guarantee".  We even say "Thank you" at the end with up to a $200 rental rebate!  Best of all, this service is free to you, thats right, IT DOESNT COST YOU ANYTHING(other than the rent of course).  So before you go spending your all your time searching for a new apartment, try MoveEZ and see how EZ finding your next apartment can be.  Search online, then call 855.866.8339 or chat with us online,

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